Religious Exploration

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Our “Religious Exploration” (RE) responsibilities are to:

  • Create a safe and supportive learning environment for our children, youth and adults that will encourage personal growth, self-esteem and an appreciation of diversity
  • Develop friendships and a sense of belonging to the Fellowship and the greater community
  • Reinforce spiritual, ethical and moral strengths that will help in responding to life's challenges
  • Explore the history, heritage, traditions and principles of Unitarian Universalism as well as other spiritual and religious belief systems

The role of Religious Exploration in Unitarian congregations is to help individuals of all ages to experience connections, compassion, and creativity.



The Fellowship offers Adult Religious Exploration opportunities in several ways. Visiting ministers often provide workshops following Sunday services. Time-limited (usually 6 – 8 sessions) group explorations give people the chance to be introduced to new ideas, to tell their own stories and to deepen understanding of Unitarian Universalism. During recent Adult RE offerings we have:

  • delved into the book Evolutionaries by Carter Phipps to learn how science and spirituality are compatible in the emerging evolutionary worldview.
  • watched and discussed the DVD series Long Strange Trip which detailed the history of Unitarian and Universalist thought from the beginning of the Christian era to our present day.
  • explored and shared our individual life journeys, thoughts, experiences, doubts, and current beliefs through a program called Evensong.
  • held ‘UU Conversation Salons’ (informal evenings of good food, beverages and lively conversation).

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