Feb 25: "Human Nature, Evolution & Democracy"

Services - February 2018 » Feb 25: "Human Nature, Evolution & Democracy"

 Guest Speaker Kevin MacKay, Service Leader Annette Verhagen

"THIS WILL ALSO BE SOUP SUNDAY" with sandwiches & veggies before Kevin’s workshop.

"Does human nature cause us to destroy each other and the ecosystems that sustain us?" Research from the fields of anthropology, archaeology, evolutionary biology, primatology, and developmental psychology contradicts the claim that human nature is essentially selfish.


Afternoon Workshop with Kevin MacKay at 1:00 pm.

Buillding a Movement for Radical Transformation

This workshop starts with the question: “Can we overthrow oligarchic political structures and re-align the trajectory of human evolution toward democracy, equality, and ecological sustainability?” An analysis of oligarchic power in modern states reveals the mechanisms by which elite control is maintained, and also the transformative strategies that movements can use to break free from it. The workshop will explore such topics as counter-hegemony, the four priorities of effective movement, the transformational dialectic, and the continuum of change.